Sustainable home delivery serving two million

Seven days a week Premo delivers morning newspapers, magazines, books and e-deliveries to greater Stockholm’s two million inhabitants.

The next step in our development towards sustainability is to promote C2C deliveries of recycled and re-purposed goods between consumers.

By delivering a variety of goods with our regular morning rounds, Premo contributes to reducing the number of transports within Stockholm. All transports within the city limits are fossil free. Premo runs 200 electric vehicles and plans to be a completely carbon neutral delivery company in all of greater Stockholm by 2023.

50 years of service

Premo, Pressens Morgontjänst KB, was founded in 1971 in order to deliver the two main morning papers in greater Stockholm: Dagens Nyheter and Svenska Dagbladet.

The company is owned by media groups Bonnier och Schibsted and the turnover is more than half a billion Swedish crowns. Premo holds the strongest distribution network in Stockholm and can offer delivery of papers and parcels to all households in Stockholm. We have around 1.200 employees and deliver over 100.000 products each night, seven days a week, always with quality, sustainability and punctuality top of mind.

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We help to integrate

Part of our sustainability mission is to take responsibility as an employer. For many of our distributors working at Premo, this is their first employment in Sweden. This adds a social commitment and value to our employee, to us and to society.
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